The Best Parts of Being a Criminal Defense Attorney

every criminal defense attorney has a change picture
When people find themselves charged with some serious penalties that have the potential to send them to prison, they need to hire the best criminal defense attorney who will fight for them. Due to the specific design of the legal system, it is almost impossible for an accused person to represent himself in a criminal trial, regardless of whether that person has an extremely high IQ or not.

Even the most common cases have specifics that require a unique defense. Attorney Randy Collins, an Orange County criminal defense lawyer ( once lectured at USC, during which he spoke about how the rise of “Google Attorneys” has led some to believe that hiring a criminal attorney really isn’t necessary. In reality, defendants need criminal defense lawyers now more than ever.

Skilled criminal lawyers will identify the holes in a prosecutor’s case and create a defense that captivates a jury and frees their client. A great attorney can make a jury feel as though the arresting officers and prosecuting attorneys are doing the legal system a great injustice by pursuing charges against a defendant.

A criminal defense attorney performs various jobs. Cross examining witnesses, playing hard ball with the prosecution, and communicating with the defendant’s family members are just some of the responsibilities that a defense attorneys takes on. For some the job is a pain, but for others, it is a passion and challenge that results in feeling fulfilled, pushing the bounds of defense and fighting daily for justice.

The following are some of the best parts of being a criminal defense attorney.

Working out the Plea Bargain

Before engaging with juries and witnesses, criminal defense attorneys try to negotiate ‘deals‘ for their clients known as “plea bargains”. A successfully negotiated plea bargain will decrease the potential sentence or possibly eliminate the charges brought against their client. Negotiating with the prosecution requires a tact and skill that not all attorneys are able to exhibit. The best attorneys love preparing themselves for a fight in court, but also love preparing for a fair plea bargain. Negotiations between attorneys can be brutal. For defense attorneys that love their job, negotiating the plea bargain is fun and challenging.

Suggesting a Good Sentencing Program for the Accused

In some cases, defendants are not able to avoid a conviction. If the prosecuting attorney has a mountain of incriminating evidence that simply cannot be disputed, there isn’t much a defense attorney can do to avoid a conviction. However, they are still able to negotiate ways to ensure that the defendant spends less time in prison and more time being rehabilitated in a friendlier environment. In cases where a defendant is obviously guilty, they usually need the help of a good alternative sentencing program, such as drug rehab instead of prison. Great defense lawyers love providing their clients with real solutions to their problems that will help them throughout their lifetime.

Providing Emotional Support

During criminal proceedings, defendants, especially if they are innocent, are going to experience a great deal of depression, embarrassment and fear. They may suffer from low self-esteem as well. In those critical moments, a good criminal defense attorney knows how to provide the emotional support that their client needs to stay calm and refrain from making irrational decisions that harm them, their families, or their case. Providing emotional support may be a pain sometimes, but for those that really need and deserve it, criminal attorneys love to provide it.

Assessing the Reality

A good criminal defense attorney has the ability to cut through the shit and give defendants a straight and honest answer to their legal questions and predicaments. Unfortunately, defendants often receive advice from friends and family that are misinformed about the law, but take that information as fact. Although it can be difficult to tell a defendant that their situation is much more serious than they previously thought, there are other situations where it isn’t nearly as bad as they were expecting. Attorneys love giving good news, and in some cases, providing a realistic expectation of what is to come provides calm and stability to a defendant who really needs it.

Figuring out the Vital Legal Rules and Regulations

Criminal defense lawyer aren’t always going to know the answers off the top of their heads, in fact, most times they are going to have to do in-depth research to make sure that their theories and defense strategies are going to apply in each individual case. Attorneys love to research. If they don’t, they don’t love their job. Researching rules and regulations is a common part of every attorney’s work, and for criminal lawyers, it becomes a challenge that they grow to love.