Pros and Cons of being an Employment Attorney

employment lawThere are many different areas of law in which an attorney can practice. Why choose employment law? There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to employment law. Each case has it’s own set of challenges, and you will be helping those who desperately need your expertise.

Educating the public on their rights as workers can be a very fulfilling job. There are also some negatives that come along with this position, but if you are interested, keep reading to learn more about what makes this particular field of law great, and what makes it torture some.

Areas of employment law include:

* Contracts and discrimination

* Employment Workplace privacy

* Whistleblowers

* Wages and benefits

* Family and medical leave

* Workplace safety

* Unemployment compensation

* Workers’ compensation

The pros of being an employment attorney

Pros of being an employment lawyerThere are very few areas out there that are more interesting. It is exciting no matter which side of the case you are on, employer or employee. Depending on the case, you will be able to discover a lot.

* You can help those dealing with emotional pain from traumatic circumstances be compensated for the wrong done to them, giving them the ability to live their lives in peace.

* Shutting down an employer who is discriminatory can be very satisfying.

* Ensuring the rights of employees or employers can have a larger scale impact in the long run.

The cons of being an employment attorney

cons of being an employment lawyer* If you work with discrimination clients, it can get very messy. The reasons behind discrimination suits can be very sensitive, and can cut you to the core.

* Workers’ compensation is much more difficult to obtain than many realize. There can be many hearings, and your client who is in pain still may not recover what they need.

* You may come across a client who is just trying to milk the system. That is when you say no to a client. It can be difficult to determine who these individuals are up front, and you can waste a lot of money finding out.

Financial considerations

Employment attorneys make a great deal of money, if they can successfully take cases to completion and find clients willing to hire them. I’ve practiced in Orange County for my entire career and have watched young lawyers get very rich, very quick. One employment lawyer in Orange County (Scott Cooper of the Cooper Law Firm) has obtained $170 million on behalf of his employment clients since 2007 alone.

If you love to fight for the little guy, and don’t want to become a personal injury lawyer or criminal defense attorney, becoming a plaintiff employment lawyer may very well be for you.