Job Review: Real Estate Attorney

2015-09-15-1442341152-1958479-RealEstateLoansThe exact path of becoming an attorney is determined by the rules and regulations of each state’s bar associations. In general, attorneys are required to have a bachelor’s degree, and to finish from a law school that has been accredited by the American Bar association.

Gaining entrance to a quality law school can be very competitive. Scoring high on the Law School Admission Test could prove to be very helpful. Topics of study will include legal writing, contracts, civil procedures, and constitutional law. Some law schools have real estate law as a special area of study.

A real estate attorney will find that much of their work will deal with preparing documents, or researching current laws, and reviewing past rulings related to a current case. Real estate lawyers will have to work long hours tackling issues related to title transfers, mortgage lending, zoning, and construction.

Companies will consult real estate lawyers when they require expert advice concerning laws and regulations that could have an impact on how they purchase or sell real estate.

There are times when real estate attorneys have to make appearances in court. It could be related to representing a company or individual when there is fraud involved, or if there is some type of breach of contract.

Special skills a real estate lawyer should have is the ability to be an analytical thinker He will need this to define whatever legal problem that may arise, and then come up with the correct solution. Good judgment and a strong sense of ethics are required. Communication skills are at a premium, especially when it comes to dealing with clients, judges, and other legal professionals. Creating an air of confidence when dealing with situations and people will go a long way in securing your position in your profession.

In the area of career prospects, real estate attorneys may face competition from paralegals and accountants when it comes to performing real estate related duties, But on the other hand, the U.SA Bureau of Statistics predicts a growth rate of 10 percent for lawyers in general in the years coming up to 2022. A median income for real estate attorneys is $134,744.

Every profession has its downside. In the case of real estate lawyers, the length of study is an issue. Seven total years of study is required. Costs could run high if it comes out of pocket. If you use student loans you’ll be faced with a high pay back bill. In 45 states you have to become involved in continuing education, To make a good salary long hours of work are necessary.