Personal Injury

The Pros and Cons of representing Catastrophic Injury Victims

catastrophic injuryAs an attorney, just like any other area of law, representing catastrophic injury victims has both positives and negatives. To decide if this is the right area of law for you, you must consider both sides of the coin. These types of clients have serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injury or quadriplegia.

A case like this can take a lot out of you and require a lot of time, sympathy, and bearing the empathy pain. At the same time, it can be very rewarding, knowing you helped someone in such a dire situation, and may present a new and unique challenge.

These types of injuries can occur in many forms:

– Negligence or gross negligence

– Workers’ compensation

– Slip and falls

– Criminal acts

You must consider all aspect of this type of work before you get yourself into it. Consider all of these questions when making your determination.

The Positives of representing catastrophic injury victims

The reward you will receive when you win a case for your client is astronomical. You will feel pride in knowing justice was served, and that your client will be taken care of. Orange County personal injury lawyer Timothy J. Ryan recently secured a 40 million dollar verdict on behalf of a quadriplegic that lost body movement in a rollover collision. Knowing that the person or business that is responsible for the injury has paid retribution is a special kind of reward felt only by catastrophic injury attorneys. Here are some things to consider on the positive side:

-Are you interested in the reward of helping someone who cannot help themselves?

– Are you looking for an extreme challenge and puzzle to figure out?

– Do you want those who are responsible for such catastrophic injuries to not only pay, but take responsibility for their actions?

– Do you want to make an excellent living while helping others?

– Do you want to be there for your client, along with their friends and family, to be their rock?

– Are you interested in continually improving your research, writing, litigation and negotiation skills?

If you can consider these questions and they get you excited about the law, then this area of law might be great for you. But, unfortunately, it does not stop there. Just like every aspect of the law, there are negatives that come along with the ride.

The Negatives of representing catastrophic injury victims

consYou need to be pretty tough to handle these types of cases. The victims will be in pain, scarred, and worried about their lives, and the lives of their loved ones around them. You will be the one they look to in their time of need. Further, you may be up against some very large entities with large lawyer teams on their side. You need to know what you are getting yourself into. Consider these questions if you have reached this far and are still interested:

– Do you want to have to face an extremely injured client who is constantly in pain?

– Can you handle speaking with your client’s loved ones who may not understand the situation?

– Are you willing to put in an enormous amount of hours dedicated to one case for one client?

– Are you willing to risk that you may not win, or may not win enough for your client?

– Are you prepared to possibly go up against large entities with an endless money supply for its legal team?

– Can you endure the pain of empathy and sympathy for your client and their family?

– Will you accept that you may burn out and have to stop this type of work?

– Are you willing to conduct negotiations for a settlement on your client’s behalf, knowing what they need to survive this injury?

After these questions, if you still feel as though you are ready to handle these types of clients, then this area of law may be for you. Catastrophic injury clients can take a toll on you, but if you can handle it, these clients are in desperate need of your help.

A lot of pressure falls on attorneys who handle these types of cases. But the reward of knowing that your client will be financially stable and have peace of mind may be worth it for you.