Different Types of Child Abuse and their Signs

Child abuse is basically defined as “an act or failure to act by a parent or caregiver that resulted to a child’s endangerment in the form of injury, emotional harm or death”. Child abuse can take many forms and it is important that everyone knows the signs when a child is being abused to be able to report such incidents. It has been reported that every year, an estimated 3 million children are reported to have been abused in one way or another. The numbers may be higher but any cases are not reported due to citizens’ inability to recognize the signs and symptoms of when a child abused. This has to change and child abuse has to stop.

There are many forms of child abuse and it is important to know them and know the signs when a child is experiencing abuse. If you recognize these signs it is best to contact the proper authorities. Below are the types of child abuse and their signs.

  1. Physical abuse. It is one of the most common forms of child abuse. It is when a parent or caregiver uses brute force to cause a physical injury to a child. For example, kicking, slapping, punching, pushing, hair pulling among other acts are used to “punish” a child for wrongdoing. Signs like unexplainable and constant bruises and injury is always present in a child. He can hide bruises by using long-sleeved clothing even during hot season. The child can also show an aggressive behavior towards classmates and playmates, fearfulness towards the parents or caregiver, violent acts towards unsuspecting subjects like pets, withdrawal, anxiety and depression.
  2. Sexual abuse. It is when an adult is using a child to satisfy a sexual act or for any sexual purposes at all. It can be non-contact like showing of a sex organ or sex act to child and inappropriate sex talk towards a child. Sex abuse can also be as grave as making a child perform a sex act on an adult. Child pornography and prostituting a child are also forms of sexual abuse. A child may show physical signs like difficulty in walking and bruises in unlikely places, kiss marks and bowel problems. She may also show some depression, rebellious attitude, lack of confidence, and show poor performance in school.
  3. Emotional abuse. It is when the parent or caregiver is harming a child’s emotional and mental development by doing acts that impedes the child’s social development. This can be done by shaming and humiliating a child, isolation, rejection and corrupting a child’s values. Signs would include low self-esteem, anti-social and destructive attitude, delayed mental and social development and extreme emotions.
  4. Child Neglect. This is when the parents or caregivers is not doing their part in supervising the child’s growth and development, does not provide sufficient care, support and love to nurture the child’s health, safety and over all well-being. This can come in a form of physical, medical and educational neglect. Signs can include frequent absences in school and/or truancy, using of dirty clothes to school or unkempt appearance, frequently hungry, appearance of injury with no sign of medical treatment.

Reporting child abuse when you see one is very important as it can lead to saving a child from danger. Various NGOs and local police are one of the many agencies you can contact to report child abuse. Getting the attention of a school’s guidance office can also be a way to alert the authorities of possible child abuse. Everyone and anyone can report child abuse cases. Let’s do our part to end this problem.

How To Find The Best Wrongful Death Lawyer

the bestAs troublesome as losing a friend or family member can be, such a misfortune resulting from the negligent acts of another can make things far more difficult. It is essential to know about your compensation rights particularly since you have a limited amount of time to file a claim.

With this in mind, it is important to start searching at the earliest opportunity to find a lawyer experienced in the field of taking care of wrongful death claims. Obviously, contracting a lawyer to explore and document such a case won’t fix the damage brought about, however it will determine the responsible individual or company liable and help you cope with your loved one’s death.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Attorney

The choice to hire a lawyer experienced in taking care of wrongful death cases ought to be made at the earliest opportunity. Such a choice can be confusing amid a period in your life when relatives are sincerely upset and need genuine and dependable assistance. While picking the right lawyer can be a complex procedure, all things considered, the choice must be made.

The following are some important components that ought to be considered while picking a lawyer experienced in taking care of such cases:

  • tips_to_keep_in_mind_on_match_dayChoose a lawyer who focuses his/her practice solely in the field of wrongful death law and has effectively taken care of wrongful death cases with a lot of success in your area. If this happened in LA, hire a wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles who has a history of results. That will help ensure they have experience in the courts you’ll be filing at.


  • Choose a lawyer who has a decent notoriety among different attorneys, judges and the groups you hold dear. A lawyer’s notoriety is for the most part a decent impression of how he/she will handle your case.
  • Successful reputation. You require a lawyer who has great results. Since achievement is by and large measured by a lawyer’s reputation, it might be justified regardless of your opportunity to take a close look at the potential lawyer’s history of securing great results.
  • It is essential to accept and assume that your lawyer will consider your needs as being a top priority. Without the “trust” calculated, you won’t feel certain that you are getting the compensation you deserve.
  • Good staff. A lawyer’s staff does a surprising amount of legal work. All things considered, it is critical to trust and like the potential lawyer’s staff and realize that they are going to be a big part of your case.

At last, you have to settle on the choice that is a good fit for your family and you. You have to assemble the best options and pick the lawyer that will help you get the full compensation to which you are entitled. With the right lawyer on your side, you can be certain that your lawful undertakings are dealt with while your family and you focus on managing the inauspicious loss of your cherished one.

What To Expect As an Excessive Fee Lawyer

Institute for Legal ReformDid you catch wind of the class action where consumers destroyed the banks and went on a 5 million dollars shopping spree? Neither did I. What’s more, a study dispatched by the Institute for Legal Reform hints that as far as acquiring much-needed compensation and satisfaction for consumers, most class action legal professions are a joke.

Indeed, even in situations where legal advisors really do arrange a significant settlement for the benefit of their class members, rarely do the class members receive the money they so deserve. In many cases, the attorneys are the ones benefitting. Although some attorneys are happy with this situation, many are not.

How bad is the situation? Analysts at Mayer Brown turned upward every consumer class action in government court in 2009 reported by two noteworthy class action firms. They found that in five of six situations where settlement dispersion information was accessible, the rate of class individuals who really got cash went from a high of 12% down to a low of 0.000006%.

For reasonable purposes, the attorneys handling the case are often the ones who receive the bulk amount of profit from the ordeal.

I can hear the complaints on a regular basis. The ILR is financed by the U.S. Chamber, whose corporate individuals detest class activities. Mayer Brown by and large works for the defense. The research was done on a huge number of class activities that are recorded every year. In any case, that doesn’t change the truths, which Mayer Brown specialists put it all on the line for people to decipher on their own.

They picked the year 2009 on the grounds that it was four years after the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, which cut back on the absolute most unfortunate practices of the class-activity bar. Those incorporated arranging “coupon” settlements where customers win the benefit of purchasing marked down items from similar organizations that as far as anyone knows scammed them, while the legal advisors are paid in real money. (Presently they must be paid an expense in view of the coupons really traded out.) And the law expels most national customer class activities to government courts, where legal oversight is by and large thought to be more thorough.

In view of this study, CAFA didn’t help buyers much. The analysts recognized 148 class activities from the 2009 vintage, subsequent to killing work and securities-related cases, which work under various and more thorough legitimate standards. They likewise dispensed cases by legal counselors who ordinarily pick on organizations seeking expenses from any settlement. Out of the 148 residual cases, 28% were settled, 27% were expelled on the benefits, 30% were deliberately rejected by the legal counselors or settled on an individual premise, and 14% were all the while pending.

Not a solitary case went to trial, delineating the reason offended party legal counselors cherish the class action framework to such an extent. Once a judge guarantees a case as an action in the interest of thousands or a large number of customers, the stakes are generally too high for organizations to consider something besides settling. While legal counselors deliberately reject some feeble cases and judges expel others, chances are legal counselors get paid something for each of them. Click here to learn more about excessive fees. Like a union supervisor giving a break to keep his individuals off of an occupation site, the class-activity legal counselor is not above dropping his case in return for an expense.

overdraft-fees-cfpbMost willful expulsions are classified, so class individuals never discover how much their onetime legal advisors and named offended parties were paid to drop what once appeared like such a promising case. They do pay, obviously, as higher costs on the merchandise and enterprises they purchase later on.

As a consequence of the legal and intentional rejections, the creators close, shoppers get zero in more than half of the proposed class activities documented. The class action settlement rate of 33% is far lower than the normal of 67% in government courts. Indeed, even the trickiest government cases including inquiries settled at a higher rate.

Judges, shockingly, don’t approach the situation with a comparative level of budgetary intuition. They as often as possible honor offended party legal counselors with implied estimation of the settlement, regardless of the possibility that the general population who arranged it knows that the payout will be much smaller.

Pros and Cons of Wrongful Termination Law

Everyone knows what a personal injury attorney is, but wrongful termination lawyers aren’t as well-known. Even the term employment lawyer can be confusing to a lot of people, as many believe employment lawyers help you to get a new job.

Little do they know that employers hate employment attorneys, especially wrongful termination lawyers.

When do people hire wrongful termination lawyers?

The word “wrongful termination” implies that a company has fired or let go one of their workers for illegal reasons within the jurisdiction of the law. Illegal causes of termination include:

Firing in breach of federal and condition anti-discrimination laws and regulations

Firing as a kind of sexual harassment

Firing in breach of express dental and written legalized employment contracts

Firing in breach at work laws and regulations, including collective bargaining laws and regulations and

Firing in retaliation for that employee’s getting filed a complaint or claim from the employer.

A few of these violations carry legal penalties, while some can lead to the employer’s payment of damages in line with the ended employee’s lost pay along with other expenses. According to The Cooper Law Firm, certain wrongful termination cases may raise the chance that the business pay punitive damages towards the final wages of the ended worker, while other cases may carry the possibilities of holding several wrongdoer accountable for damages.

Pros of being a wrongful termination lawyer

As is the case with being any type of lawyer, being this particular type of attorney comes with a number of benefits. For one, you’re directly helping people who have been wronged by their employers. Many attorneys get a lot of fulfillment from helping “the little guy” fight back, and holding wrongdoers accountable. Here are the biggest benefits regularly highlighted by practicing attorneys:

  1. Pros of being an employment lawyerYou’re holding wrongdoers accountable in a meaningful and immediately impactful way. You may not think this matters, but for attorneys in the long run, it does. These types of attorneys usually receive the a level of fulfillment that some practice areas can’t match.
  2. You get to work with everyday people. You’re not working with uptight business folk. These are hardworking Americans that have been taken advantage of. You may not always like the people you’re working with, but at least you aren’t being talked down to all the time.
  3. You will probably make a lot of money. Now, this isn’t always the case, but attorneys that pursue compensation from employers that have wrongfully terminated their employees often receive 33% of the total judgement. This can result in huge fees and a comfortable lifestyle.

Cons of being a wrongful termination lawyer

Practicing this type of law isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, there are some negatives that cause several attorneys to change course, even after several years of practice. Here’s the cons of becoming this particular type of lawyer:

  1. cons of being an employment lawyerIf you don’t win, you don’t get paid. Ever seen that before? “If you don’t win, you don’t pay!” You normally see it for personal injury attorneys, but it definitely applies here. This is great for clients, but when you don’t win, you can take such a hard financial hit that it puts you out of business.
  2. It’s not easy to start your own firm. If you’re planning on starting your own firm, this type of law might not be the best choice. Although referral partnerships can be made that streamline the new client process, it is generally pretty difficult to tap into a stream of new clients in this particular field.


This particular field of law is generally liked by the attorneys that practice it. This is not a field in which a tremendous number of lawyers later regret participating.

Pros and Cons of being an Employment Attorney

employment lawThere are many different areas of law in which an attorney can practice. Why choose employment law? There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to employment law. Each case has it’s own set of challenges, and you will be helping those who desperately need your expertise.

Educating the public on their rights as workers can be a very fulfilling job. There are also some negatives that come along with this position, but if you are interested, keep reading to learn more about what makes this particular field of law great, and what makes it torture some.

Areas of employment law include:

* Contracts and discrimination

* Employment Workplace privacy

* Whistleblowers

* Wages and benefits

* Family and medical leave

* Workplace safety

* Unemployment compensation

* Workers’ compensation

The pros of being an employment attorney

Pros of being an employment lawyerThere are very few areas out there that are more interesting. It is exciting no matter which side of the case you are on, employer or employee. Depending on the case, you will be able to discover a lot.

* You can help those dealing with emotional pain from traumatic circumstances be compensated for the wrong done to them, giving them the ability to live their lives in peace.

* Shutting down an employer who is discriminatory can be very satisfying.

* Ensuring the rights of employees or employers can have a larger scale impact in the long run.

The cons of being an employment attorney

cons of being an employment lawyer* If you work with discrimination clients, it can get very messy. The reasons behind discrimination suits can be very sensitive, and can cut you to the core.

* Workers’ compensation is much more difficult to obtain than many realize. There can be many hearings, and your client who is in pain still may not recover what they need.

* You may come across a client who is just trying to milk the system. That is when you say no to a client. It can be difficult to determine who these individuals are up front, and you can waste a lot of money finding out.

Financial considerations

Employment attorneys make a great deal of money, if they can successfully take cases to completion and find clients willing to hire them. I’ve practiced in Orange County for my entire career and have watched young lawyers get very rich, very quick. One employment lawyer in Orange County (Scott Cooper of the Cooper Law Firm) has obtained $170 million on behalf of his employment clients since 2007 alone.

If you love to fight for the little guy, and don’t want to become a personal injury lawyer or criminal defense attorney, becoming a plaintiff employment lawyer may very well be for you.

The Pros and Cons of representing Catastrophic Injury Victims

catastrophic injuryAs an attorney, just like any other area of law, representing catastrophic injury victims has both positives and negatives. To decide if this is the right area of law for you, you must consider both sides of the coin. These types of clients have serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injury or quadriplegia.

A case like this can take a lot out of you and require a lot of time, sympathy, and bearing the empathy pain. At the same time, it can be very rewarding, knowing you helped someone in such a dire situation, and may present a new and unique challenge.

These types of injuries can occur in many forms:

– Negligence or gross negligence

– Workers’ compensation

– Slip and falls

– Criminal acts

You must consider all aspect of this type of work before you get yourself into it. Consider all of these questions when making your determination.

The Positives of representing catastrophic injury victims

The reward you will receive when you win a case for your client is astronomical. You will feel pride in knowing justice was served, and that your client will be taken care of. Orange County personal injury lawyer Timothy J. Ryan recently secured a 40 million dollar verdict on behalf of a quadriplegic that lost body movement in a rollover collision. Knowing that the person or business that is responsible for the injury has paid retribution is a special kind of reward felt only by catastrophic injury attorneys. Here are some things to consider on the positive side:

-Are you interested in the reward of helping someone who cannot help themselves?

– Are you looking for an extreme challenge and puzzle to figure out?

– Do you want those who are responsible for such catastrophic injuries to not only pay, but take responsibility for their actions?

– Do you want to make an excellent living while helping others?

– Do you want to be there for your client, along with their friends and family, to be their rock?

– Are you interested in continually improving your research, writing, litigation and negotiation skills?

If you can consider these questions and they get you excited about the law, then this area of law might be great for you. But, unfortunately, it does not stop there. Just like every aspect of the law, there are negatives that come along with the ride.

The Negatives of representing catastrophic injury victims

consYou need to be pretty tough to handle these types of cases. The victims will be in pain, scarred, and worried about their lives, and the lives of their loved ones around them. You will be the one they look to in their time of need. Further, you may be up against some very large entities with large lawyer teams on their side. You need to know what you are getting yourself into. Consider these questions if you have reached this far and are still interested:

– Do you want to have to face an extremely injured client who is constantly in pain?

– Can you handle speaking with your client’s loved ones who may not understand the situation?

– Are you willing to put in an enormous amount of hours dedicated to one case for one client?

– Are you willing to risk that you may not win, or may not win enough for your client?

– Are you prepared to possibly go up against large entities with an endless money supply for its legal team?

– Can you endure the pain of empathy and sympathy for your client and their family?

– Will you accept that you may burn out and have to stop this type of work?

– Are you willing to conduct negotiations for a settlement on your client’s behalf, knowing what they need to survive this injury?

After these questions, if you still feel as though you are ready to handle these types of clients, then this area of law may be for you. Catastrophic injury clients can take a toll on you, but if you can handle it, these clients are in desperate need of your help.

A lot of pressure falls on attorneys who handle these types of cases. But the reward of knowing that your client will be financially stable and have peace of mind may be worth it for you.


The Best Parts of Being a Criminal Defense Attorney

every criminal defense attorney has a change picture
When people find themselves charged with some serious penalties that have the potential to send them to prison, they need to hire the best criminal defense attorney who will fight for them. Due to the specific design of the legal system, it is almost impossible for an accused person to represent himself in a criminal trial, regardless of whether that person has an extremely high IQ or not.

Even the most common cases have specifics that require a unique defense. Attorney Randy Collins, an Orange County criminal defense lawyer (mycaliforniadefenseattorney.com) once lectured at USC, during which he spoke about how the rise of “Google Attorneys” has led some to believe that hiring a criminal attorney really isn’t necessary. In reality, defendants need criminal defense lawyers now more than ever.

Skilled criminal lawyers will identify the holes in a prosecutor’s case and create a defense that captivates a jury and frees their client. A great attorney can make a jury feel as though the arresting officers and prosecuting attorneys are doing the legal system a great injustice by pursuing charges against a defendant.

A criminal defense attorney performs various jobs. Cross examining witnesses, playing hard ball with the prosecution, and communicating with the defendant’s family members are just some of the responsibilities that a defense attorneys takes on. For some the job is a pain, but for others, it is a passion and challenge that results in feeling fulfilled, pushing the bounds of defense and fighting daily for justice.

The following are some of the best parts of being a criminal defense attorney.

Working out the Plea Bargain

Before engaging with juries and witnesses, criminal defense attorneys try to negotiate ‘deals‘ for their clients known as “plea bargains”. A successfully negotiated plea bargain will decrease the potential sentence or possibly eliminate the charges brought against their client. Negotiating with the prosecution requires a tact and skill that not all attorneys are able to exhibit. The best attorneys love preparing themselves for a fight in court, but also love preparing for a fair plea bargain. Negotiations between attorneys can be brutal. For defense attorneys that love their job, negotiating the plea bargain is fun and challenging.

Suggesting a Good Sentencing Program for the Accused

In some cases, defendants are not able to avoid a conviction. If the prosecuting attorney has a mountain of incriminating evidence that simply cannot be disputed, there isn’t much a defense attorney can do to avoid a conviction. However, they are still able to negotiate ways to ensure that the defendant spends less time in prison and more time being rehabilitated in a friendlier environment. In cases where a defendant is obviously guilty, they usually need the help of a good alternative sentencing program, such as drug rehab instead of prison. Great defense lawyers love providing their clients with real solutions to their problems that will help them throughout their lifetime.

Providing Emotional Support

During criminal proceedings, defendants, especially if they are innocent, are going to experience a great deal of depression, embarrassment and fear. They may suffer from low self-esteem as well. In those critical moments, a good criminal defense attorney knows how to provide the emotional support that their client needs to stay calm and refrain from making irrational decisions that harm them, their families, or their case. Providing emotional support may be a pain sometimes, but for those that really need and deserve it, criminal attorneys love to provide it.

Assessing the Reality

A good criminal defense attorney has the ability to cut through the shit and give defendants a straight and honest answer to their legal questions and predicaments. Unfortunately, defendants often receive advice from friends and family that are misinformed about the law, but take that information as fact. Although it can be difficult to tell a defendant that their situation is much more serious than they previously thought, there are other situations where it isn’t nearly as bad as they were expecting. Attorneys love giving good news, and in some cases, providing a realistic expectation of what is to come provides calm and stability to a defendant who really needs it.

Figuring out the Vital Legal Rules and Regulations

Criminal defense lawyer aren’t always going to know the answers off the top of their heads, in fact, most times they are going to have to do in-depth research to make sure that their theories and defense strategies are going to apply in each individual case. Attorneys love to research. If they don’t, they don’t love their job. Researching rules and regulations is a common part of every attorney’s work, and for criminal lawyers, it becomes a challenge that they grow to love.


Job Review: Real Estate Attorney

2015-09-15-1442341152-1958479-RealEstateLoansThe exact path of becoming an attorney is determined by the rules and regulations of each state’s bar associations. In general, attorneys are required to have a bachelor’s degree, and to finish from a law school that has been accredited by the American Bar association.

Gaining entrance to a quality law school can be very competitive. Scoring high on the Law School Admission Test could prove to be very helpful. Topics of study will include legal writing, contracts, civil procedures, and constitutional law. Some law schools have real estate law as a special area of study.

A real estate attorney will find that much of their work will deal with preparing documents, or researching current laws, and reviewing past rulings related to a current case. Real estate lawyers will have to work long hours tackling issues related to title transfers, mortgage lending, zoning, and construction.

Companies will consult real estate lawyers when they require expert advice concerning laws and regulations that could have an impact on how they purchase or sell real estate.

There are times when real estate attorneys have to make appearances in court. It could be related to representing a company or individual when there is fraud involved, or if there is some type of breach of contract.

Special skills a real estate lawyer should have is the ability to be an analytical thinker He will need this to define whatever legal problem that may arise, and then come up with the correct solution. Good judgment and a strong sense of ethics are required. Communication skills are at a premium, especially when it comes to dealing with clients, judges, and other legal professionals. Creating an air of confidence when dealing with situations and people will go a long way in securing your position in your profession.

In the area of career prospects, real estate attorneys may face competition from paralegals and accountants when it comes to performing real estate related duties, But on the other hand, the U.SA Bureau of Statistics predicts a growth rate of 10 percent for lawyers in general in the years coming up to 2022. A median income for real estate attorneys is $134,744.

Every profession has its downside. In the case of real estate lawyers, the length of study is an issue. Seven total years of study is required. Costs could run high if it comes out of pocket. If you use student loans you’ll be faced with a high pay back bill. In 45 states you have to become involved in continuing education, To make a good salary long hours of work are necessary.

What It Is Like to Be a Criminal Defense Attorney



Being a criminal defense attorney can be a wide variety of things, from rewarding to controversial, these specific attorneys often have widely varied perceptions among their peers and society.  However, criminal defense attorneys are one of the most important types of attorney.  Every citizen is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and criminal defense attorneys carry this burden for their clients.  Whether an attorney is a private criminal defense attorney or a public defender, they are expected to use their skills and knowledge to prove their clients are not guilty.


These particular attorneys defend clients from charges ranging from minor misdemeanors through serious felonies, which carry sentences from fines and community service to hefty jail time and in some case death penalty punishments.


One of the most important things to keep in mind when hearing criminal defense attorney, is that not every crime is a horrendous murder and not every person charged in a crime is a horribly evil monster.  Defendants charged with crimes are mostly normal people, living normal lives who made a bad decision, got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just simply let a situation get out of hand.  Of course, there are murderers, kidnappers, rapists, who do have criminal defense attorneys,  but a majority of the people who are charged with criminal offenses are just regular people who are in need of help and guidance.



The most important role a criminal defense attorney plays is counselor.  These lawyers are responsible for listening to their clients stories and guiding them towards a resolution to their case that will afford them the best possible outcome.  Criminal defense attorneys spend a great deal of their time interviewing witnesses, performing extensive research and preparing documents and presentations for trials.  Defense attorneys are also responsible for examining the crime scene and securing and preparing expert witnesses to appear on the defendants’ behalf.  Their responsibilities extend to being able to explain complex state and federal laws to clients and their families, so that defendants will understand the charges that they are facing and what the potential repercussions will be for each.


Defense attorneys will look at all the facts and evidence of their client’s case and advise them on how they should proceed, whether it is pleading guilty or not guilty, accepting lesser charges, a plea bargain, or taking their case in front of a trial of their peers.


Being able to provide a competent and vigorous defense for a client regardless of their guilt or innocence is the most important function that every defense attorney serves.  In the most basic sense, defendants must have confidence that their attorney will fight for their constitutional rights, and defense attorneys must value upholding the constitution as the most important and rewarding component of a profession that is often misunderstood or misrepresented.

Job Review: Personal Injury Attorney



When most people picture an attorney, their image is of the personal injury attorney, the litigator standing in front of a court making a case to a jury that their client should be awarded a massive sum of money. Many lawyers who work in the personal injury field rarely see the inside of a courtroom. It’s often their skills in investigating, analysis and negotiation that keeps them out of court.


The personal injury lawyer is the person one calls when one feels they’ve been injured in some form by another person or entity. The lawyer handles tort cases, instances when a person or institution has breached a duty of appropriate behavior, and that breach of duty causes a tangible harm to another. The tort litigator will attempt to prove that their client deserves to be compensated by, or even protected from, the person whose action or inaction caused the harm.


A personal injury lawyer takes cases that aren’t limited to situations where there is a physical injury to someone. Injuries can arise whenever:


  • There is an assault
  • A medical professional doesn’t do their job up to a reasonable standard (malpractice)
  • Insurance companies refuse to pay complete recompense for injuries
  • When someone lies about another person and causes damage to another’s reputation (slander or libel)
  • A company sells substandard goods that cause some harm (product liability)


The personal injury lawyer may specialize in one or more of these kinds of cases. For example, some lawyers take on cases involving car accidents. Some lawyers specialize in medical malpractice cases. By specializing, lawyers gain experience in one field and may often make a better living than if they had a more diverse practice.


images (1)


Some lawyers may specialize in taking cases to court; however, most attorneys settle cases through negotiation without going to trial. A trial is a lengthy, time-consuming process, expensive to both parties. A personal injury lawyer will excel in investigating the facts around a case. They will make an analysis of the facts and determine the strength of their case. They will decide whether they can win a large sum via trial by jury, or whether their client is better served by settling the case out of court.


Personal injury attorneys must have a commitment to their clients above all else. They must be willing to work with people from all walks of life, be great listeners as well as great communicators. They must be able to understand complex issues from a variety of disciplines, especially if they plan to excel at litigating different kinds of tort cases. They must also be able to translate these complex issues into language a layperson can easily understand.


The American Bar Association certifies personal injury attorneys. A lawyer seeking certification must take and pass a certification program. The certificate indicates that a lawyer is interested in and competent as a personal injury lawyer, assuring clients that they are obtaining proficient representation in their case.