Interesting Attorney Careers You Can Choose From


Do you have a strong sense of justice? Do you want to be able to help people defend themselves? Do you want to help people achieve justice, fairness and to get what they deserve? Do you want to give a voice to those who cannot speak up for themselves? If your answer to all of those questions is yes, then you should definitely considering taking up law.

At this point, you might already have some idea of what a lawyer does. The question is, did you know that there are different specialties in law that you can choose from? Also, do you know what exactly it is that lawyers do? Do you know what educational requirements you need to complete? In order to find out more, then please read on and find out.

Attorney Job Description

Basically an attorney, or also known as a lawyer, advises and represents his or her clients in both civil and criminal cases. Also, an attorney could specialize in a particular area of law like probate, criminal, matrimonial, environment and real estate law. Or, an attorney could just be a general practitioner of law. Normally, attorneys are typically assisted by paralegals.

"Scales of Justice" button (Gold)Education Requirements

First, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in any four year course. However, it is advisable that you take up a bachelor’s degree related to law or to any particular field of law that you want to practice in.For instance, you should definitely consider taking up political science. Psychology, since it is the study of human behavior, would also be a good undergraduate degree for lawyers too. If you are considering a particular field of law like tax law, then you should take up accountancy. In addition to that aspiring lawyersshould also really consider taking the LSATs (Law School Admission Test).

Once you complete a four year undergraduate degree, you should then proceed to law school and go through four more years of formal education.

Attorney Licensure

Once you have completed law school, you will not directly be considered an attorney yet. First, you have to pass the bar exams in order for you to get your license to practice law.

Attorney Careers

Once you have passed the bar exams, you are now formally considered an attorney. However, newly hired attorneys typically start out as associate lawyers and work under more experienced and skilled lawyers and judges.Once you get enough experience, you could decide to focus on a more specific aspect of law. Here are some attorney careers and aspects of law that you can consider.

  • Defense attorney.Defense attorneys typically work for the government (as a public defender) or they could work for certain individuals. They represent and defend their client who has been accused of something against the law. Also known as criminal law attorneys.
  • Government counsels. They normally work in agencies for the government. Their job description entails interpreting and writing regulations and laws. They also set up various procedures that would reinforce those laws.
  • They usually end up working for the government. Their job description includes filing a lawsuit, or a charge, against a specific corporation, or individual who has been accused of going against the law. Also known as criminal law attorneys.
  • Legal aid attorneys. They work for nonprofit and private organizations dedicated to helping disadvantaged people. Generally, they handle civil cases like job discrimination, wage disputes or leases.

These are just some areas of attorney careers and areas of law that you can get into. Each job description of every field of law differs slightly. However, no matter what field you get into, or whatever attorney career you have, you must remember one thing and that is to defend your client to the best of your ability.